Actin-binding protein



ABP, actin binding protein, Actin Binding Proteins, Actinbindende Proteine, Actin-Binding Protein, Actin-Binding Proteins, Proteins, Actin-Binding, proteína fijadora de actina, Proteínas de Ligação a Actina, Proteínas de Unión a Actina, Protéines de fixation à l'actine, Protéines de liaison à l'actine, Protéines liant l'actine, Protéines se fixant à l'actine, Protéines se liant à l'actine


diverse family of cytoskeletal proteins which bind actin, thereby stabilizing or destabilizing microfilaments, anchoring them to other cell structures, or subserving intracellular translocation and motility.

Protein that binds to actin filaments and modulates their properties and functions. Examples: actin-bundling protein, actin severing protein.

A diverse group of proteins that bind to actin. These proteins direct a complex network of protein filaments that provide stability to the cellular infrastructure by supporting the dynamic motility of microfilaments, thereby enabling intracellular translocation and organelle transport.

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